Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education


Council on Postsecondary Education
January 12, 1998
CPE Offices, Frankfort, KY



Roll Call

Presentation: Strategic Agenda Development

Update: Commonwealth Virtual University

Presentation: Commonwealth Scholarship Program

Action: Regional Postsecondary Education Centers

Action: 1998/2000 KCTCS Capital Construction Plan

Update: KCTCS Transition

Update: 1997/98 Trust Funds Application Guidelines

Update: Strategic Committee on Postsecondary Education

Information: 1998 General Assembly

Trends and Operations Committee
1.  Action: CPE Policy Manual Revisions
2.  Action: Pass-Through Programs
3.  Information: KY Plan for Equal Opportunities 1998 Degree Program Eligibility
4.  Update: Transition Agenda

Quality and Effectiveness Committee
1.  Action: New Program Proposals
2.  Action: The Status of Kentucky Postsecondary Education: The 1998 Report
3.  Discussion: Workplan for Study of Academic Program Policies
4.  Discussion: Workplan for Study on Minimum Admission Requirements
5.  Action: Eisenhower Mathematics and Science Education Funds
6.  Presentation: Remedial Education Study

Investments and Incentives Committee
1.  Discussion: Workplan for Tuition Policy Review
2.  Update: Uniform Financial Reporting
3.  Action: University of Kentucky South Campus Locker Facility
4.  Action: UofL Rauch Planetarium/Speed Museum Parking Garage

Other Business

Next Meeting



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