Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education


Council on Postsecondary Education
July 13, 1998
CPE Offices, Frankfort, KY



Roll Call

President's Report
1.  Action: 2020 Vision: A Strategic Agenda for Kentucky Postsecondary Education
2.  Information: CVU Update
3.  Action: Policy Statement Guiding Development of the CVU
4.  Action: KCTCS Technical Institutions Branch
5.  Action: Programs of Distinction
6.  Information: KY Plan for Equal Opportunities Spring 1998 CEO Campus Visits
7.  Action: Commonwealth Merit Scholarship Program
8.  Action: Regional Postsecondary Education Centers
9.  Information: Collaborative Center for Literacy Development (SB 186)

Academic Affairs Committee Report
1.  Action: New Program Proposals
2.  Action: Rural Health and Nursing Grants
3.  Information: Annual Kentucky High School Feedback Reports

Finance Committee Report
1.  Action: Owensboro CC Capital Construction Projects
2.  Information: Plan to Allocate 1998-2000 Deferred Maintenance Funds
3.  Information: Endowment Report
4.  Information: Local Funding for KCTCS Capital Projects

Other Business

Next Meeting - September 13-14



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