Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Council on Postsecondary Education
July 16, 2007
10 a.m. (ET)
Salon D-E
Marriott Griffin Gate Resort
Lexington, Kentucky

8-10 a.m. – Budget and Finance Policy Group (Salon D-E)  
8-10 a.m. – Quality and Accountability Policy Group (Salon C)  
9-10 a.m. – Research, Economic Development, and Commercialization Policy Group (Salon A-B)  

Roll Call
Approval of Minutes (75K PDF)   
Focus on Reform:  Double the Numbers

Cross-Cutting Issues

1. Budget and Finance Policy Group Report 

a. 2008-10 Budget Recommendation Framework REVISED (401KB PDF) 
b. Kentucky’s 2020 Double the Numbers Plan (156K PDF) 
c. Action: 2007-08 Agency Operating Budget (35K PDF) 

2. Quality and Accountability Policy Group Report

a. Action: Review of Ed.D. Proposals and Programs (95K PDF) 
b. Kentucky Principals’ Academy (33K PDF) 

3. Research, Economic Development, and Commercialization Policy Group Report

Question 1 – Are more Kentuckians ready for postsecondary education?

4. 2006-08 College Access Outreach Initiative (74K PDF) 

5. P-16 Council Report (44K PDF) 
6. Commissioner of Education Report (54K PDF)

Question 2 – Is Kentucky postsecondary education affordable for its citizens?
Question 3 – Do more Kentuckians have certificates and degrees?

Question 4 – Are college graduates prepared for life and work in Kentucky?

7. Action: MuSU M.S. in Nutrition Services (34K PDF) 
8. Action: NKU M.S. in Health Informatics (31K PDF) 
9. CEO Report (41K PDF) 

Question 5 – Are Kentucky’s people, communities, and economy benefiting?

10. Action: UK M.I. King Library South Renovation (44K PDF) 
11. Action: UK Chemistry-Physics Building Renovation- Revised (46K PDF) 

The Council Business

12. Council Committee Assignments
13. Presidential Search Update

Other Business
Next Meeting – September 16, 2007, The Brown Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky
 (in conjunction with the 2007 Governor’s Conference on Postsecondary Education Trusteeship) 


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