Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Council on Postsecondary Education
January 16, 2009
10 a.m. - 3 p.m. (ET)
CPE Meeting Room A, Frankfort, Kentucky

8:30-10 a.m. – Council Member Work Session
The agenda for this session is open-ended and will be determined by the Council members, discussion will be informal, and no formal action will be taken.  The session is open to the public.

Roll Call

Approval of Minutes

CPE President’s Report

Cross-Cutting Issues
1. CPE and Institutional Budget Reduction Plans  (2364K PDF) 
2. National Trends in Veterinary Medicine (29K PDF) 

Question 1 – Are more Kentuckians ready for postsecondary education?
3. Action: Revisions to Minimum College Admission Requirements (185K PDF)
4. Developmental Education: Update on Progress (30K PDF)
        Developmental Education Update (21K PDF)
        Developmental Education PowerPoint (2137 PDF)
5. State P-16 Council Report (43K PDF) 
6. Commissioner of Education Report (31K PDF) 

Question 2 – Is Kentucky postsecondary education affordable for its citizens?
7. Governor’s Higher Education Work Group Update (348K PDF) 
        HEWG January 2009 Report
8. 2009-10 Tuition Setting Process Update (2792K PDF) 

Question 3 – Do more Kentuckians have certificates and degrees?
9. 2008 Fall Enrollment (61K PDF)

Question 4 – Are college graduates prepared for life and work in Kentucky?
10. Committee on Equal Opportunities Report (36K PDF)
11. Action: Action Plan for Diversity Plan Development (49K PDF) 
12. Kentucky Plan for Equal Opportunities 2008 Degree Program Eligibility (182K PDF) 

Question 5 – Are Kentucky’s people, communities, and economy benefiting?
13. Action: Regional Stewardship Program Regional Grants, EKU (34K PDF)

14. Action: Upgrade Administrative Computing Systems, KSU (36K PDF) 
15. Action: Renovation of Wildcat Lodge, UK (39K PDF) 
16. Capital Projects Pools Update (52K PDF) 
17. SB 189 Report to Legislative Research Commission (35K PDF)

The Council Business
18. Council Committee Appointments
19. Action: Resolutions of Service
          Kevin Canafax (57K PDF)
          Jon Draud (32K PDF)
          Richard Crofts (47K PDF) 
20. Action: Election of Chair and Vice Chair (29K PDF) 

Reports from the Institutions (2205K PDF)
Other Business

Next Meeting – March 5-6, 2009, KCTCS Central Office, Versailles, Kentucky



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