Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Council on Postsecondary Education
Friday, April 23, 2010
10 a.m. (ET)
CPE Offices, Frankfort, KY

• Kentucky P20 Innovation Lab: A Partnership for Next Generation Learning – Mary John O’Hair, dean of the University of Kentucky College of Education (3098K PDF)
• SKyTeach – Western Kentucky University (796K PDF)

Roll Call
Approval of Minutes
  -  February 10 Joint CPE/KDE/EPSB Meeting (83K PDF)  
  -  February 11 CPE meeting  (91K PDF) 

CPE President’s Report (110K PDF) 

1.   2010-12 Postsecondary Education Budget Update (34K PDF) 
2.   Action: Tuition Parameters (197K PDF)  
      Postsecondary Education Need and Merit-Based Aid 2008-09 (367K PDF)
3.   Action: Renovation of UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging (31K PDF)
4.   Action: Revision to Statewide Diversity Policy Directive (26K PDF) 
5.   Action: Kentucky Virtual Library Strategic Plan 2010-2013 (189K PDF) 
      reV@10: revisioning KYVL Strategic Planning at 10 Years (79K PDF) 
6.   2010 Legislative Session (22K PDF) 
7.   Report from the Commissioner of Education (21K PDF) 
8.   SB 1 Unified Strategic Plan for College and Career Readiness (40K PDF) 
9.   Licensure and Accreditation Update (222K PDF) 
10. 2011-15 Strategic Agenda Development Update (23K PDF) 
11. 2008-09 Accountability Report (48K PDF) 
12. Transfer Update: New Definition of Transfer and 2010 Transfer Student Survey (26K PDF) 

Reports from the Institutions (4513K PDF) 

Other Business

Next Meeting – May 20-21, University of Louisville



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