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Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education


Council Member Retreat - Day Two
Council on Postsecondary Education

Friday, February 14, 2014
9:00-11:00 AM
Marriott Griffin Gate, Lexington, Kentucky
Spendthrift Room, 7th Floor


1.   Budget and Policy Issues

2.   Other Business

Council Meeting
Council on Postsecondary Education

*REVISED 2/11/14*

Friday, February 14, 2014
11:30 AM
Marriott Griffin Gate, Lexington, Kentucky
Salon F, 1st Floor

The Council on Postsecondary Education now utilizes a digital board book system through BoardBook.org. Agenda materials for this meeting can be found by visiting:  https://v3.boardbook.org/Public/PublicMeetingMaterials.aspx?ak=1001061&mk=50103907. You may need to enable pop-up windows for this website in order to view the agenda documents.

1.    Welcome

2.    Roll Call

3.    ACTION: Election of CPE Chair and Vice Chair

4.    Approval of Minutes

5.    CPE President's Report to the Council

6.    Commissioner of Education Report

7.    ACTION: New Academic Programs

       a.  Morehead State University: Bachelor of Arts in Convergent Media
       b.  Morehead State University: Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication
       c.  Northern Kentucky University: Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Science
       d.  Northern Kentucky University: Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care
       e.  University of Kentucky: Bachelor of Science in Information Communication Technology
       f.  University of Louisville: Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art and Design
       g.  Western Kentucky University: Bachelor of Arts in Criminology

8.     ACTION: Tuition Policy and Timeline

9.     ACTION: Capital Projects Requests

        a.  University of Kentucky: Football Training Facilities and Practice Field
        b.  University of Louisville - Delia Baxter Renovation

10.     Report: Committee on Equal Opportunities

11.     Committee Appointments

12.     Reports from the Institutions

13.     Resolution

14.     Other Business

15.     Adjournment

Next meeting - April 28-29, 2014, Murray State University

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