Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Council of Chief Academic Officers
March 15, 2004
Council on Postsecondary Education
Meeting Room A
Frankfort, KY

1. Continuation of Ed.D. discussion. (With Commissioner Gene Wilhoit)

2. ADP actions to be taken by postsecondary education. (Dianne Bazell)
3. Adult Education Math Academy. (With Cheryl King)
4. Statewide ESRI Contract. (Myk Garn)
5. Discussion of NSSE results and strategies for improvement.
(Christina Whitfield)

6. Transfer Update. (Deborah Jackson)
7. Kentucky Campus Compact Update. (Ben Boggs/Dianne Bazell)

8. IEQ grant awards (Melissa McGinley) and Collaborative RFP submissions. (Ben Boggs)

9. Collaboration with chief student affairs officers. (Ben Boggs)

10. Budget update

11. Other items?

Next meeting: Sunday, May 23, 2004, at Faculty Development Conference.


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