Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Council of Chief Academic Officers and
Council of Chief Student Affairs Officers
July 19, 2004
Campbellsville University Technology Center Room 203
Campbellsville, KY

1. Welcome and Introductions
Dr. Tom Layzell, CPE President
Dr. Jim Applegate, CPE Vice President for Academic Affairs

2. Introductions by Institutions

3. Presentation: Results from the National Forum on College-level     
  Learning Pilot Project

Dr. Christina Whitfield, CPE Senior Associate

Kentucky has been a pilot state for a national effort to create a valid/standard assessment of how well student learn in college that can be used to compare outcomes across states. The results of the pilot project are in. They suggest issues Kentucky needs to address to improve student learning that should involve both the academic and the student life dimensions of their experience. This will be the start of important conversations among all of us about strategies that can be employed to enhance student learning across our campuses.

4. General Discussion on Retention: We cannot improve learning for students who drop out.  Retention numbers did not improve significantly in the last round of assessments.
a. What are the challenges to improving retention on your campus? 
b. How are you addressing these challenges?  What seems to work?
c. What are examples of collaboration between academic and student affairs personnel to address student needs and improve retention?  What are the barriers to collaboration?
d. What can be done at the state level to help?

5. Where do we go from here?
a. Statewide retention workshop? (Similar to advising workshop)
b. Special emphasis of next faculty development conference?
c. Update trust fund plans (Action Agenda, Faculty Development)
d. Involve/support Kentucky Campus Compact

6. News and updates:
a. Kentucky Campus Compact Host Institution Applications (due July 23rd)
b. Teacher Quality Summit
c. Program Productivity Review

Next CAO meeting:  September 20, 2004, following the Council meeting and Governor’s Conference on Trusteeship, Sloan Convention Center, Bowling Green.


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