Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Committee on Equal Opportunities

The Committee on Equal Opportunities (CEO) oversees the Commonwealth's desegregation and equal opportunities plans for postsecondary education. The Committee reviews institutional progress and makes recommendations for equal opportunities policy improvements to the Council.

Members of the Committee

The members of this committee are: Kim Barber, JoAnne Bland, Jerome Bowles, Juan Castro, John Johnson, Robert Staat (faculty member), David Welch, and Pam Miller (ex officio, nonvoting).

Meetings and Materials

The Council on Postsecondary Education utilizes a digital board book system through You may need to enable pop-up windows for this website in order to view the agenda documents.

2016 Meetings Location
Jan 25, 2016 CPE, Conference Rm A
Mar 21, 2016 CPE, Conference Rm A
May 16, 2016 CPE, Conference Rm A
Oct 13, 2016 CPE, Conference Rm A

2015 Meetings Location
January 26 CPE, Conference Rm A
March 23 CPE, Conference Rm A
May 18 CPE, Conference Rm A
October 20 CPE, Conference Rm A

Meetings and Materials - Previous Years


Council Chairman Paul Patton, at left, accepts the 2010 Community Service Award from Jody Cofer (Murray State University) of the Kentucky Fairness Alliance. The Council’s Committee on Equal Opportunities received the award for its work on the new Statewide Diversity Policy approved by the Council in September.

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