Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Committee on Equal Opportunities
April 18, 2005
9 a.m. (ET)
University Club, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

  1. Roll Call

  2. Approval of Minutes
    1. February 21, 2005 (to be distributed at the meeting)
    2. March 28, 2005 (to be distributed at the meeting)

  3. Action Items
    1. Revision of The Kentucky Plan for Equal Opportunities (49K PDF)

  4. Special Reports
    1. Institutional Departments of Public Safety (111K PDF)
    2. Status: Partnership Agreement (86K PDF)
    3. Quantitative Waiver: KCTCS Gateway Community and Technical College (41K PDF)
      1. Attachment A (23K PDF)
      2. Attachment B (17K PDF)
    4. Status: Implementation of Campus Visit Recommendations (32K PDF) 
    5. Status: CPE Strategic Planning Process (32K PDF)

  5. Information and Discussion
    1. University of Louisville Campus Visit (42K PDF)

  6. Other Business

  7. Next Meeting: June 20, 2005, 9 a.m. (EDT), Conference Room A, Council Offices, Frankfort, KY

  8. Adjournment


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