Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Funding Model Steering Committee

Pursuant to the resolution adopted at the November 7, 2013 meeting, the Council on Postsecondary Education established the Funding Model Committees and Workgroups for the purpose of developing a comprehensive model for the allocation of state General Fund appropriations for institutional operations that incorporates elements of campus performance, mission, enrollment, and other components. The new model shall be developed for implementation in the 2016-2018 biennial budget recommendation.

The Funding Model Steering Committee is comprised of fifteen (15) members: CPE Chair, CPE President, three (3) CPE members, nine (9) institutional presidents, and one (1) Governor’s office representative. The committee shall establish the basic principles under which the new funding model approach is to be developed and provide guidance and clarification regarding those principles.

**On April 17, 2015, Chair Glenn Denton halted the work of the Funding Model Steering Committee and transferred the scope of work to the Budget Development Work Group.

Date Location
April 2, 2014 CPE, Conference Room A
May 14, 2014 CPE, Conference Room A
June 4, 2014* CPE, Conference Room A
June 23, 2014 CPE, Conference Room A
August 6, 2014 CANCELLED
September 3, 2014 CPE, Conference Room A
October 1 ,2014 University of Louisville - The Nucleus, 300 E. Market Street
November 5 ,2014 CANCELLED
December 3, 2014 CPE, Conference Room A
January 7, 2015 CANCELLED
February 4, 2015 CPE, Confernce Room A
April 1, 2015 CANCELLED

*Indicates a corrected date

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