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Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

KRS 164.476 created the Kentucky Lung Cancer Research Fund, the Kentucky Lung Cancer Research Project and the Kentucky Lung Cancer Research Governance Board to implement clinical and research programs related to lung cancer research. KRS 164.470(2) attaches the KLCR Program Governance Board (B) to the Council for administrative purposes and the funding for the program is assigned to the Council. Funds are to be distributed annually to the University of Kentucky's Markey Cancer Center, and to the University of Louisville's Brown Cancer Center, by recommendation of the Governance Board. The Governance Board is appointed by the governor and has representation from other cancer centers, the Council on Postsecondary Education, and two members at large. These members serve 4-year terms.

Date Location
February 27, 2008
November 21, 2008 Louisville
January 13, 2010 CPE, Frankfort
August 25, 2010 CPE, Frankfort
January 26, 2011 CPE, Frankfort
May 7, 2012 CPE, Frankfort
October 31, 2012 CPE, Frankfort
February 13, 2013 CPE, Frankfort
May 15, 2013 CPE, Frankfort
September 18, 2013 CPE, Frankfort
November 21, 2013 CPE, Frankfort
February 26, 2014 Conference Room A, Frankfort, KY
June 25, 2014 Clinical and Translational Research Building, University of Louisville, Louisville
October 22, 2014 Conference Room A, Frankfort, KY
February 11, 2015 Conference Room A, Frankfort, KY


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