Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Joint State P-16 Council and Local P-16 Network Meeting
June 22, 2005
9 a.m. (ET)
State Board Room
First Floor, 500 Mero Street, Capital Plaza Tower
Frankfort, KY

  1. Roll Call
  2. Approval of March 23, 2004 Minutes (41K PDF)
  3. Chair's Report and announcement of newly appointed P-16 Council members - Dr. Richard Freed, Chair
  4. Action: Election of new Chair
  5. Remarks from the Cabinet Secretary - Virginia Fox, Secretary, Education Cabinet
  6. Roundtable Discussion (Follow-up from March 23, 2005 P-16 Council)

    Topic 1: Preparing Students to Compete in a 21st Century Economy: Redesigning the Kentucky High School

    1. The Power of Rigorous Standards - the Foundation of the System

      Mathematics Standards Alignment Study: Kentucky (167K PDF) - Dr. Kaye Forgione, Senior Associate for Mathematics, Achieve, Inc.

      • How can Kentucky's K-12 and postsecondary sectors use this analysis to assist in creating standards that are aligned?
      • How do we bring standards together with assessment?
      • How do we align the two systems? How do the KCCT and the ACT relate?
      • What should a predictive assessment of success in postsecondary look like?
      • Should the cost of an assessment system that addresses both K-12 and postsecondary needs be funded by contributions form both agencies?
    2. The Relationship of Colleges of Education to the P-16 Council
    Lunch (Reconvene in approximately one hour)

    Topic 2: Local P-16 Issues

    1. Local P-16 Network Report: Discussion of Local P-16 Councils Work Plan and Staffing Guide (40K PDF) - Elizabeth Jefferson, Local P-16 Council Representative
      • What were initially envisioned as roles and responsibilities of local P-16 Councils? How has that changed as local councils have evolved? Why?
      • What are the local P-16 councils identifying through their work or envisioning as promising practices? What are the roles that the state wants to encourage the local P-16 councils to play in advancing that work locally? How can that be accomplished through the funding proposal on the table? What are the priorities that should be addressed with the funding?
      • What is the role that the statewide P-16 council should play in advancing that agenda? What should be the relationship of the local P-16 Councils to the state P-16 Council?
      • How should we measure the effectiveness of both the local and state P-16 Councils? What are the types of accomplishments that would provide evidence that time and funding has been appropriately spent?
    2. Progress Reports of Local P-16 Councils (14K PDF)
      • Representatives of several local councils will share their missions, accomplishments, challenges, and next steps
  7. Next Meeting Date: September 6, 2006 (at CPE)
  8. Adjournment (approximately 3 p.m.)


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