Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Other State Systems' Strategic Plans

Alabama Commission on Higher Education

Arizona Board of Regents

California Postsecondary Education System

California CC System

Colorado CC System

Florida State University System

University System of Georgia

University of Hawaii System

Idaho State Board of Education

Illinois Board of Higher Education

Indiana Commission for Higher Education

Iowa State Board of Regents

Kansas Board of Regents

Louisiana Board of Regents

University of Main System

Maryland Higher Education Commission

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Mississippi  State Institutions of Higher Learning

Missouri Department of Higher Education

Montana University System

Nebraska’s Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education

Nevada’s System of Higher Education

New Jersey Commission on Higher Education

New York State Education Department

University System of North Carolina
North Dakota University System

University System of Ohio
Oregon University System

Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education

South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

South Dakota Board of Regents

Tennessee Higher Education Commission

University of Texas System

Utah System of Higher Education

Vermont State Colleges

State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board

Washington DC State Board of Education

West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission

University of Wyoming


Last Updated 3/8/2010