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Resources for Being Inclusive, Equitable While Teaching Remotely

Diversity, equity and inclusion strategies during the pandemic
This professional development series is provided by the National Inclusive Excellence Leadership Academy. It equips leaders with essential information required to equitably address the challenges during the pandemic.
This site, provided by Michigan State University, provides tips to help foster understanding and inclusion while communicating with the campus community. 
This page, developed by the University of California, gives guidance for maintaining a supportive, positive and inclusive campus climate during the pandemic.

Social stigmatization during the pandemic
Developed by the University of California at Berkley, this page provides an example of "principles of community," which guide student relations.
This letter, published by the University of Kentucky, serves an example of communicating to the campus community about how the pandemic affects cultural relations. 
This listing of resources, compiled and curated by the National Association of Independent Schools, providesa wealth of information on many diversity, equity and inclusion challenges. 
This page includes a fact sheet of guidance for policymakers, leaders, media and public on how to talk about the coronavirus in a manner that does not stigmatize any group.

Inclusive Online Teaching
Developed by San Diego State University, this page provides strategies for maintaining equity and inclusion in virtual learning environments.
This blog article, posted by Rice University's Center for Teaching Excellence, gives guidance on remote teaching, as well as providing more resources on the subject.
This collection of articles, offered by the Chronicle of Higher Education for those supplying basic contact information, includes information how to cultivate empathetic inclusive environments while teaching remotely. 
Developed by Chapman University, this page provides tips on incroproating a student needs assessment into coursework. 
This page, provided by Arizona State University, suggests tips for maximizing inclusivity when developing course curriculum.

This webinar, developed by the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education, is a roundtable discussing the diversity, equity and inclusion implications and considerations around the COVID-19 pandemic.
Produced by Diverse Issues in Higher Education, this webinar is part of a series focused on diversity related questions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.
This panel discussion, facilitated by the Association of American Colleges & Universities, covers mental health, technology, and moving the needle toward online access for all during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Offered by Diverse Issues in Higher Education, this panel discussion addresses how to identify racially charged situations and strategies for resolving them to ensure the protection of students and faculty.

Last Updated 4/21/2020