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Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

CPE Data Portal

The Council collects and distributes various data about postsecondary education in Kentucky.  The following pages include tables, graphs, reports and maps with data at the state and institutional levels.

Data on the Kentucky Adult Education system can be found here.

Institutional Users:  Data reporting guidelines and related policies for institutional staff who submit data to CPE can be found here.

Related Data Reports and Inventories

An inventory of approved academic programs can be found here. The inventory is updated when a new program is approved by the Council or the status of a current program changes.

  • State Accountability Reports  (CPE)

  • High School Feedback Reports (KCEWS) 

  • Postsecondary Feedback Report (KCEWS): Each report provides in-depth data by institution about which degrees are pursued, the employment of graduates as well as information about students who go on to pursue advanced degrees, average wages for various degree categories and some insights into what happens to students who leave without a credential and do not continue their education elsewhere. 

  • Kentucky County Profile Reports (KCEWS): Contains a mixture of education, population, employment, and other data about each of Kentucky’s 120 counties, as well as our Area Development Districts, and Workforce Investment Boards.
Related Policy Briefs
Additional Information

If you are looking for data or research on a topic that is not included on the CPE data portal, links to local, state, and national data websites can be found here

A compiled list of related technical definitions can be found here.


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