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Technical Definitions
  • First-time Transfer
    A student is counted as a first-time transfer during their first semester of enrollment after transferring to a new institution.  Students who transfer credit into an institution after their first semester of enrollment, such as those taking an on-line course at a different institution, are not counted in this statistic.
  • Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) Kentucky's system of two-year public community and technical colleges.
  • Native Student
    A student who began their undergraduate study at one institution and has stayed at that institution for the duration of their undergraduate study.
  • Traditional and Nontraditional Ages
    Student ages are categorized as traditional or nontraditional depending upon whether they are 24 and under (traditional) or 25 and above (nontraditional).
  • Transfer Credit Hours
    The number of credit hours taken at one institution that are accepted for transfer at a second institution.


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Last Updated 9/30/2014
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