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Postsecondary and adult education enrollment reaches all-time high

Release Date: Sept. 22, 2005
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FRANKFORT, Ky. (Sept. 22, 2005) – Enrollment in Kentucky’s postsecondary education institutions reached a record high of 235,083 students this fall, based on preliminary enrollment figures. The estimated headcount is an increase of 3,471 students, or 1.5  percent, over fall 2004 enrollment.

Kentucky Adult Education, a unit of the Council, also posted enrollment gains. A record high 124,801 Kentuckians participated in adult education programs in fiscal year 2005, up 4,750 from last year. Since 2001, enrollment in adult education programs has nearly doubled.

“Kentucky has made remarkable progress in educational attainment. More people than ever before are accessing adult education and postsecondary education, and more people than ever before are earning degrees, certificates and GEDs,” stated Dr. Tom Layzell, president of the Council. “Despite this progress, we have a long way to go to reach the national average in educational attainment.”

According to a recent analysis by the Kentucky Long-Term Policy Research Center, Kentucky could expect a cumulative increase of more than $5.3 billion in tax revenue and an additional $71.0 billion in personal income if the state reaches national averages in educational attainment by 2020.

Since postsecondary education reform began in 1998, total postsecondary education enrollment has increased by 50,237 students or 27.2 percent. Seven-year enrollment gains for the institutions are listed below:

  • Eastern Kentucky University—5.2 percent;
  • Kentucky State University—3.6 percent;
  • Morehead State University—9.3 percent;
  • Murray State University—15.6 percent;
  • Northern Kentucky University—18.8 percent;
  • University of Kentucky—10.0 percent;
  • University of Louisville—4.5 percent;
  • Western Kentucky University--24.5 percent; and
  • Kentucky Community and Technical College System—63.0 percent.

The preliminary enrollment figures were released at the Council on Postsecondary Education meeting on Sunday in Louisville. Official postsecondary enrollment will be available in January. National data are not yet available for comparison.



Last Updated 9/26/2005