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Council on Postsecondary Education

Press Release Date:  Friday, August 19, 2011  
Contact Information:  Sue Patrick
Cell: 502-330-6596

The Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education has awarded $600,000 in funding provided by the Kentucky legislature to create regional assessment academies in support of Senate Bill 1 (2009) initiatives.

Morehead State University, Northern Kentucky University and Western Kentucky University received grants of $200,000 each. The funds are seed money to build sustainable university and district partnerships focused on student achievement.

“We are very appreciative to the members of the Kentucky General Assembly for their leadership in passing this significant legislation and providing funding to support these efforts to improve student learning,” said Bob King, president of the Council on Postsecondary Education. “We look forward to the impact of our collaborative efforts on improved student success.”

Each assessment academy is a collaboration of two public universities, an independent institution, a community college and an adult education center. The academies will work with school districts and adult education centers within their region to analyze student assessment results to build powerful professional development for educators and raise student achievement at all levels.

Dr. Susan Cook, director of the Northern Kentucky Center for Educator Excellence and principal investigator of NKU’s academy, said, “This is a unique opportunity to collaborate with other postsecondary institutions and P-12 schools to improve instruction and assist students in preparing for college and careers.”

Cook added that another key objective is the coordination of institutional assessment data focused on placement and diagnostic testing and services. The academies will work from the high school senior level backward to track use of the English Early Assessment Program (EAP) and other assessments like the Kentucky Online Testing Project (KYOTE) or Measure of Academic Performance (MAP). Aligning assessment data will enable the academies to identify indicators of successful transitions across the P-20 continuum into career and college.

Dr. Cathy Gunn, dean of MSU’s College of Education, noted that the continuous assessment model provides a tool to assess the effectiveness of all the different college readiness initiatives in place at P12 schools, adult basic education centers, community colleges and public universities.

“We are working toward the goal of having 100 percent of graduates of eastern Kentucky schools being college and career ready and successful college graduates if they choose the college route," said Gunn.

Dr. Carl Myers, WKU’s academy co-director, added, “The support we receive through CPE allows us to establish and strengthen our partnerships and collaborations with other institutions to increase student achievement in the Commonwealth. These efforts increase capacity and pave the way for both scalability and sustainability of effective teaching and learning.”


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Last Updated 8/19/2011