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Press Release Date:  Tuesday, November 17, 2009  
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Kentucky's education community launched a repository of quality digital learning content earlier today that will be available to all P-20 educators. The repository, called the Kentucky Learning Depot, will help educators add standards-based digital content, such as textbooks, animations, and videos, to their courses, and vastly expand the resources available to each educator.

Led by the Council on Postsecondary Education and the Kentucky Department of Education, the initiative is a collaboration of the Education Cabinet, Education Professional Standards Board, KET, Kentucky Adult Education, Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives, P-12 schools and postsecondary institutions. These stakeholders began work on the depot in October 2007 when the Southern Regional Education Board initiated SCORE (Sharable Content Object Repositories for Education) to help its 16 member states build statewide repositories.

"We are pleased to join with the Kentucky Department of Education and other agencies to offer this resource to Kentucky's teachers," said Council President Robert King. "The depot will enhance our collective efforts to implement Senate Bill 1 through the sharing of digital course content that aligns with the new academic standards."

Organizers anticipate that the depot will increase efficiencies in course development and achieve economies of scale by allowing educators to create resources once, then reuse and share them many times. Educators will avoid duplication of efforts because they will have easy access to what their colleagues have already created and used.

“The Kentucky Learning Depot will provide Kentucky educators with an easily accessible source of rich and engaging digital learning content,” said Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday. “Students will benefit from the delivery format, which they are very familiar with, and their teachers will gain knowledge of best practices that will improve their methodology.”

The depot will also bring together digital content from the Kentucky Virtual Library, the Kentucky Virtual Campus and Kentucky Virtual High School. In the past, these online entities could not share content across their applications.

Other economies of scale will be achieved by buying content that all Kentucky educators can use as well as adding content from other repositories.

The online community that will result from the Kentucky Learning Depot will provide an opportunity for Kentucky educators to create and share best practices in teaching and learning since depot content is peer-reviewed and subject to standards.

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Last Updated 11/17/2009