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College students rally for higher education

Press Release Date:  Thursday, March 09, 2006  
Contact Information:  Sue Patrick
502-573-1555 ext. 308

Note to Editors: Photos from student rally are available on the Morehead State University Web site.

(Frankfort, KY) Over three hundred college students from all eight public universities and one community college collectively attended the 4th Annual Rally for Higher Education.  Accompanied by State Treasurer Jonathan Miller and Secretary of State Trey Grayson, the students advocated for enhanced funding which would allow public higher education institutions to continue maintaining quality and affordability.

“Unbridled Potential” was the theme of the rally, which was sponsored by the Kentucky Board of Student Body Presidents (BSBP), a group that is composed of the student presidents from each public university.  Unlike most education rallies, concerns did not just focus on the future, but instead on what fully funding higher education can do today.  The rally speakers embraced the idea that a fully funded higher education system will provide the foundation for current and future Kentucky businesses to grow.  David Adkisson, President of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce joined students in this effort, where the consensus of all participants was that Kentucky needs to continue building its knowledge economy so that it will maintain its high quality of life for its citizenry. 

“Invest in Us” was one of many rally chants that sent vibrations throughout the historic Capitol Rotunda and adjacent areas.  Collectively the college students of Kentucky thanked the legislature for its efforts last year and encouraged the lawmakers to continue to fund progress.  By the end of the rally, the atmosphere in the Capitol Rotunda was one that was full of excitement and hope.  

Prior to departing, the students and university mascots gathered for a group photo on the Capitol steps.  Hope and opportunity was the expression on the faces of the students.  The students attending were motivated by not only charismatic state policy officials, but also by three inspirational student speakers, such as Bill Brammel, student president at the University of Louisville, who quoted President Franklin Delano Roosevelt by saying, “You cannot always build the future for our youth, but you can always build the youth for our future.” 

Beyond the chanting and inspirational remarks, students were reminded by Treasurer Miller that they need to take their energy from the rally and direct it to a year-long campaign directed at lawmakers through office visits, phone calls and emails.  Jason Marion, chair of the BSBP, said, “If the students take Treasurer Miller’s message home, the rally was a success.” 

Although future student action is needed to secure more funding for higher education, the rally was very successful since it did celebrate higher education and its benefits to Kentucky, while reminding state lawmakers of the importance of fully funding higher education. 



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