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Press Release Date:  Thursday, May 28, 2009  
Contact Information:  Sue Patrick
Cell: 502-330-6596

Kentucky is one of 11 states qualifying to receive a Federal Workforce Investment Act incentive grant based on fiscal year 2007-08 performance. To qualify for the grants, states must exceed agreed upon performance levels for Title I: WIA, and Title II: the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act.

Kentucky Adult Education will work with partner agencies to develop an application for the use of the $851,748 grant. The act requires these funds be used to carry out innovative activities consistent with the requirements of any one or more of the programs within the act.

Kentucky has received these incentive funds six of the nine years of the act totaling $8,793,202 for the commonwealth.

“We are delighted that Kentucky Adult Education has once again exceeded its performance goals and are truly encouraged by its success,” stated Robert L. King, president of the Council on Postsecondary Education. Kentucky Adult Education is a unit of the Council.

“We also know, however, that we need to reach more people who, for whatever reason, never completed high school and today need more education to provide for their families,” noted King.

Reecie Stagnolia, interim vice president of Kentucky Adult Education, added, “We applaud adult educators across the commonwealth for their hard work that has led to the incentive funding. We will continue our focus on quality student outcomes to ensure that all Kentuckians are prepared for postsecondary education and the workforce.”

Kentucky continues to make strides in increasing the number of adults who earn a GED® diploma. Kentucky had an 11 percent increase in GED graduates from fiscal year 2006-07 to fiscal year 2007-08 representing the most significant growth in seven years. As part of the Council on Postsecondary Education’s 2020 goals, KYAE has set a goal of reaching 15,000 GED diplomas annually by 2020.

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Kentucky’s postsecondary and adult education system is improving the economic vitality of the Commonwealth and the lives of Kentuckians. By raising educational attainment to the national average by 2020, Kentucky will attract higher wage and knowledge-based business and industry and the overall quality of life for Kentuckians will improve with higher incomes and levels of employment, better health, less obesity, more volunteerism, and lower crime and public assistance rates.


Last Updated 5/28/2009