Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Regional Stewardship Workshop

Regional Stewardship Workshop
July 17 - 18, 2006
Council Offices, Meeting Room A

Workshop Agenda (56K PDF)

Regional Stewardship Program Guidelines (45K PDF)

The purpose of the workshop is to give representatives from all public four-year postsecondary institutions and the Kentucky Community College and Technical System an overview of the concepts of and best practices related to regional stewardship.

The workshop should help institutions identify:

  • The extent to which the proposed activity addresses significant regional or state needs, or capitalizes on unique opportunities, as identified through assessments involving the institution, its advisory committee, and other appropriate external partners.

  • The potential for enhancing collaboration, where feasible. This includes, but is not limited to, partnering with public and independent postsecondary institutions, P-12 organizations, local P-16 councils, local and regional governments, nonprofit agencies, community and civic organizations, businesses, hospitals, foundations, and philanthropic organizations to share costs and increase program impact.

  • The extent to which the stewardship activity holds promise for significant and sustainable regional or statewide improvement in the areas of economic development, livable communities, social inclusion, creative governance, and civic participation.

  • The potential for furthering the goals of House Bill 1 and the Public Agenda for postsecondary education in Kentucky.

  • The availability of financial or in-kind support contributed by local, regional, or state partners, or by the postsecondary institution(s) involved in the project.

  • The extent to which the proposed utilization of institutional resources and faculty expertise provide a reasonable expectation that project goals will be achieved.

  • The potential for producing publishable results that can be generalized to other regions of Kentucky, or across the nation, to address similar problems or take advantage of similar opportunities.


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