Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Improving Educator Quality State Grant Program Year 6 Inquiries and Responses

Inquiries and Responses regarding the Improving Educator Quality State Grant Program Year 6 Request for Proposals will be posted here as they are received.  Inquiries will be accepted until 4:00pm, September 3, 2007.  Inquiries should be sent to John DeAtley.



If you are interested in preparing a proposal for this year’s Improving Educator Quality program, please note the new requirement this year for the integration of ACT EPAS into the projects.  ACT produces booklets in each content area for EXPLORE, PLAN, and ACT that help teachers use the information gathered from these assessments in their instruction.  They are entitled “Connecting College Readiness Standards to the Classroom.” 


There are several ways you can find these important resources as you prepare proposals.  You may order them from ACT.  To do so, please contact Joe Dell Brasel at ACT ( as she is Kentucky’s primary point of contact in these areas.  She has also agreed to do a short workshop for those projects that are funded.  In addition, school districts in the state should have copies.  As you prepare your partnerships, please talk with the schools regarding availability of the materials.  Finally, there is a copy in the Council offices that may be used, barring other availability.  Please contact John DeAtley if you have questions.





Last Updated 6/29/2007