Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

General Directions for all RFPs

  • RFPs may be viewed at  To access the RFP:
    • Click on the "EMARS Vendor Self Service" purple box (center of page);
    • Click on the "Public Access" box on the right side of the screen;
    • Click on "Business Opportunities;"
    • Click on "Search for Solicitations;"
    • Enter "415" in the "Department" search box and click "Browse" (not "Find") or hit enter to search for all Council on Postsecondary Education solicitations;
    • Select the RFP of interest;
    • Click on the "PDF" button to view the full RFP.
  • Each RFP will have a final date for the accepting of questions.  Within a few business days thereafter, the Council will provide responses in the form of a “question and answer” document posted as an amendment to the RFP on the state eprocurement website (
  • This procedure is the only one to be used by prospective applicants in seeking clarification or answers to questions about this RFP.  Applicants are cautioned that any direct contact with any employee at the Council regarding any RFP is inappropriate and is expressly prohibited.
  • Interested individuals should send an original signed copy of RFP downloaded from the state’s eprocurement website, including the Campaign Finance certification and any documents required by the RFP to:
    • Jennifer Jackson, CPA
      Director, Administrative Services
      Council on Postsecondary Education
      1024 Capital Center Drive, Suite 320
      Frankfort, KY 40601
  • The outer envelope should be marked in the lower left corner indicating which RFP response is included.
  • Applications must be received by the above designee no later than the date indicated in the RFP.  Applications received after the stated deadline will not be accepted.  It is not the responsibility of postal or courier services to meet the deadline.  It is the responsibility of the applicant.  E-mail and fax copies will not be accepted.  Council staff will begin the review of applications immediately thereafter.


Last Updated 6/3/2008