Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

2011-15 Strategic Agenda Focus on College Readiness: Update on Policy Objective 2

Goal: Kentucky will be stronger by ensuring more high school graduates, GED graduates, and working-age adults enter college prepared for credit-bearing work.

Policy Objective 2: Increase the number of college-ready GED graduates.

Strategy 2.1: Increase enrollment in Kentucky Adult Education (KYAE) programs and services.

  • In recognition of the current economy and high unemployment rates, KYAE is offering free GED testing through June 30, 2011, and is waiving the usual $55 test fee.

  • Through a partnership with the Kentucky Broadcaster’s Association, KYAE is conducting a 12-month outreach campaign featuring a television public service announcement produced by the National Ad Council. The partnership will also include a short-term radio campaign to promote free GED testing.

  • In addition to statewide marketing, KYAE will help sustain local marketing efforts by providing ongoing support to local programs through resources, technical assistance, and training.

  • In the 2010-11 Program Director Institutes, KYAE has promoted innovative uses of technology and its ongoing partnership with KET in an effort to appeal to younger, more tech-savvy students as well as those who have different learning styles.


Strategy 2.2: Implement initiatives to increase the number of KYAE students advancing to postsecondary education.

  • With input from adult education programs across the state, KYAE is finalizing the parameters and requirements for the statewide transition to a managed program model as an important recruitment, instruction, and retention strategy. Research suggests that the managed program model results in increased student retention and results.

  • The implementation of KYAE Common Core Standards and the alignment of curricula to the standards will lead to higher GED scores and the potential that GED graduates will transition into credit-bearing college coursework.

  • KYAE has expanded its SkillUp Kentucky pilots to seven counties. SkillUp is an innovative contextualized instructional program that combines GED attainment with stackable certificates and an opportunity to earn college credit toward a certification or degree program.

  • In a four-county pilot, KYAE is partnering with the University of Kentucky to place transition navigators in adult education programs to provide students with career, academic, and personal counseling to minimize barriers hindering students from earning a GED and enrolling in postsecondary education.

  • KYAE will provide an opportunity for adult education programs to apply for grants to test selected transitions curricula leading to college-ready GED graduates.


Strategy 2.3 Attract, retain, and prepare highly effective adult educators.

  • KYAE has been in conversations with other states to explore best practices and replicable models for the development of a potential adult education credential based on ongoing participation in specific continuing education courses.

  • KYAE’s professional development model will be focused for the next two years on aligning curricula to KYAE Common Core Standards and preparing instructors to teach the higher-level skills required by the standards.

  • To ensure high-quality, research-based professional development, KYAE is contracting for services from the Adult Education Academy, Morehead State University; Kentucky Center for Mathematics, Northern Kentucky University; Collaborative Center for Literacy Development, University of Kentucky; and the National Center for Family Literacy.

Date of update:  April 26, 2011



Last Updated 5/11/2011