Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Transfer Policies and Initiatives

  • General Education Transfer Policy (64K PDF) guarantees that if a student completes an associate (AA or AS) degree at a KCTCS college, any Kentucky public university will accept their general education credits as meeting lower-division general education requirements if their KCTCS transcript is certified.
  • Applied Associate Transfer Agreement guarantees that the general education courses students take as part of an applied associate in science (AAS) degree program will transfer and count toward the lower-division general education requirements at the school to which they transfer.
  • Statewide Transfer Committee addresses current and ongoing policy issues related to transfer.
  • 13 KAR 2:020 contains the guidelines for admission to the state-supported postsecondary education institutions in Kentucky.
  • Statewide Gen Ed Assessment Plan provides information on evaluating general education student learning outcomes.
Transfer Agreements

Statewide Transfer Agreements identify a 60-hour set of coursework that will allow students to transfer a KCTCS associate degree toward a group of related degrees and their requirements at Kentucky’s public universities.

Student Resources


Last Updated 9/16/2013