Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Campus Fire Reporting Methods

The information below instructs how to report a fire or threat of fire.

False Alarms

When reporting a false alarm, email Mike Hane ( and Richard Peddicord ( On the subject line, please write “False Alarm."

Include the following information:

  • County:
  • City:
  • Date and Time of Occurrence:
  • Name of the Campus, for example, Eastern Kentucky University:
  • Building Name:
  • Address:
  • Phone Number:
  • Name of person reporting the Incident:
  • Journal: for example, “Smoke detector activated due to hair spray”, “Stream from shower activated smoke detector”, “Alarm activated due to unknown reason”, “Unintentional or malicious activation of pull station”, “ Burnt popcorn activated the fire alarm”, and so on. Include the action taken by staff, for example, 100 evacuated, no smoke, no fire, fire department responded, no injuries, fire alarm reset and residents allowed to re-enter building.
Fire Incident

To report an actual fire incident, call the Emergency Operations Center at (800) 255-2587 or (502) 607-1637. A Duty Office will answer. You will need to state the facts known about the incident to the officer. Most of the information above will be requested, so knowing the time and date of occurrence, building name, and facts of the fire will be useful. Be sure to request that the State Fire Marshal’s “on call” officer be contacted immediately.


Last Updated 6/17/2009