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Regional Stewardship – Overview

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Social Inclusion:

Data – Kentucky




Data - National


  • U.S. Census Bureau
    People and Households data include information on population projections, poverty, health insurance, housing, income, and more. Business and Industry data include economic indicators, survey of business owners, census of governments, and more.



Regional Indicators:


Program Development and Assessment

University Engagement

University Engagement - Faculty:

  • Engaging Departments: Moving Faculty Culture From Private to Public, Individual to Collective Focus for the Common Good
    Recently published book that focuses on strategies that take engagement from a faculty level to a departmental level. Available for purchase from the publisher – Anker Publishing – as well as other online retailers and in bookstores.
  • National Center for the Study of University Engagement
    Based at Michigan State University, the center seeks to combine the theory and practice of outreach and engagement. Contains links to MSU publications on engagement and information and measurement and benchmarking.
  • Outreach Scholarship Conference
    Annual conference sponsored by four universities. The 2006 conference focuses on community-academic scholarly outreach in various academic disciplines.
  • Scholarship of Engagement
    The National Review Board evaluates the scholarship of engagement work of faculty who are preparing for annual review, promotion and tenure. Site has bibliography of scholarship of engagement. Also contains section on benchmarking engagement efforts.
  • The Engaged Scholar Magazine
    Published by Michigan State University, this magazine focuses on partnerships between that university and its constituents. But its articles are helpful to any university interested in encouraging engagement activities.

University Engagement - Kentucky Public Institutions:

University Engagement - Other Institutions:

University Engagement - Measurement:

University Engagement – Service Learning, Community Service, Experiential Learning:


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