Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education


Northern Kentucky University

Using Technology and the Environment to Entice Students and the Community into the World of Science

Through established P-12 connections, school alliances, and CINSAM, P-12 teachers will be given Web access to chemistry demonstrations and experiments. NKU students will interact with high school students to spark their interest in science, college, and NKU. Area high school students will work with state-of-the art equipment during summer research partnerships with current NKU chemistry majors and through class trips to NKU's Chemistry labs.  In addition, NKU's Water Laboratory will coordinate activities related to the Ohio River and to water quality issues in the region.  Classes and workshops will be conducted for teachers, P-12 students, and community members, including an Elderhostel program. The research activities will involve faculty and students from several universities in the Ohio River Basin.

Next Generation Business Platforms Mobile and Web 2.0

NKU's College of Informatics will provide training on the Web 2.0 platform to regional businesses, nonprofit organizations, and governmental agencies. Faculty and students will also work with local firms in building wireless applications that impact their business.  

Addressing Community Health Needs: The Northern Kentucky Nursing Research Collaborative

The Northern Kentucky Nursing Research Collaborative was established in 2006 to facilitate interdisciplinary relationships with local health care providers and nonprofit agencies. Through these partnerships, community-based interventions have been developed that will employ primary prevention strategies designed to improve the health status of northern Kentuckians. With stewardship initiatives funding, NKU will develop a solid organizational infrastructure with necessary administrative functions that support the growing capacity of the NKNRC.

Northern Kentucky Center for Educator Excellence

The Northern Kentucky Center for Educator Excellence will foster collaboration in the northern Kentucky region to recruit, support, and retain highly qualified educators who will meet or exceed national standards. The organization will focus on teacher quality and professional development as well as recruiting and retaining top-quality teachers in the region.


Last Updated 10/22/2009