Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Research & Data

The Council collects and maintains a wide range of information from postsecondary institutions across the Commonwealth. Information not readily available on this Web site may be requested by contacting the Council office.

  • Accountability
    Annual accountability reports contain summaries of enrollment, degrees, staffing and other characteristics of Kentucky’s postsecondary education institutions.

  • Kentucky Adult Education
    Kentucky Adult Education provides demographic and performance information about Kentucky’s education programs for adult learners.

  • County Level Profiles
    The Council provides a fact sheet for each county in Kentucky that details educational attainment, employment, population data, and other data helpful to legislators and other state leaders. Fact sheets were published January 2006.

  • Data Policy
    The data policy outlines the rules that the Council staff abide by in collecting and using personally identifiable student information.

  • Data Collection Guidelines
    Data collection guidelines provide the latest reporting requirements for submitting institutional data to the Council's comprehensive database.

  • Degrees and Formal Awards
    The Council offers information about the degrees and formal awards conferred by Kentucky’s postsecondary institutions on an annual basis.

  • Endowment Match Programs
    The Council publishes reporting guidelines and instructions for requesting matches for endowment gifts and reporting endowment information.

  • Enrollment
    Enrollment information is available for Kentucky’s postsecondary institutions and is updated on an annual basis.

  • Equal Education Opportunities
    The Council offers extensive information that supports the Kentucky Plan for Equal Educational Opportunities in Higher Education and the status of institutions related to the plan’s objectives.

  • External Resources
    Several resources are available to supplement the Council’s postsecondary education data and provide additional information about Kentucky’s citizens, along with national comparisons of Kentucky’s postsecondary education performance.

  • Faculty & Staff
    The Council reports various data about faculty and staff resources of Kentucky’s postsecondary institutions.

  • Finance
    The Council summarizes the fiscal resources of Kentucky’s postsecondary institutions including revenue, expenditure and tuition information.

  • Institutional Profiles
    The Council develops summary tables of enrollment, degrees, faculty and staff and resource data for each public postsecondary institution.

  • Knowledge Economy
    Knowledge Economy annual reports detail the Council’s work related to the Science and Technology Programs including the Research & Development Voucher Program, the Commercialization Program, and the Rural Innovation Program.

  • Special Reports
    For occasional reports on a variety of topics.

  • Students & Alumni
    The Council collects data on Kentucky postsecondary alumni and students on a periodic basis.


Last Updated 7/27/2006