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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Maintaining a diverse student body in an inclusive environment is essential to a student’s college experience. The Council’s Policy for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion provides the framework to increase diverse enrollments and the success of racial and ethnic minority and low-income students, create a more inclusive environment, and produce more culturally competent graduates.

Why Kentucky needs a diversity policy

While Kentucky’s racial and ethnic minority and low-income students have made some progress in closing the education gap and campuses have become more inclusive, there is still much room to improve. The Policy for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, applicable to state universities and KCTCS, focuses on improvement in three key areas:

Kentucky's policy and framework

How we will make it work

To ensure that goals are attainable, leaders will create diversity plans specific to their campus. These goals must not only improve campus diversity and climate, but also must align with the state’s strategic agenda for postsecondary and adult education. The Council will score progress annually on both quantitative and qualitative elements. If a campus does not score well, it will not be able to offer new degree programs.

Campus diversity plans

Diversity metrics and progress

As a part of continuous accountability, the Council displays campus progress of key diversity metrics. Data tied to these metrics are updated annually.

How the policy benefits Kentuckians

A diverse and well-trained workforce is crucial for Kentucky’s businesses to attract and retain top talent. Studies consistently show that diversity drives innovation and fosters creativity. Businesses are responding by increasing diversity within the workplace. The Council’s statewide policy reinforces this need by fostering campus environments that prepare graduates for life and work in an increasingly diverse society.

How the policy helps us toward 2030 goals

Diversity on campus benefits all students and the policy requires that institutions implement strategies designed to increase the number of Kentuckians with a college degree. As Kentucky, and our nation, become more diverse, it is crucial that the state’s campuses reflect this diversity to ensure graduates can thrive and be competitive in today’s workforce. This competitive advantage can benefit Kentucky’s economic outlook and the health and well-being of its citizens.

Learn more about Kentucky's education goals by viewing Stronger By Degrees, the Council's strategic agenda for postsecondary and adult education.

Last Updated 3/22/2021