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      On February 5, 2021, CPE filed proposed amendments to 13 KAR 1:020, Private College Licensing and 13 KAR 4:010, State authorization reciprocity agreement with the Legislative Research Commission.

      Approval of this action would increase initial licensure fees for new in-state college and new out-of-state colleges. The amendment also increases annual licensure fees by 50% of the current rate starting in 2022, 75% in 2023, and 100%, or double the current rate, beginning in 2024. It would also increase fees for SARA participation by half the current rate for each total FTE student range tier. A copy of the proposed changes can be accessed at LRC's website.

      Those who wish to submit comments on this regulation may contact Sarah Levy.

      For help on how to access regulations visit LRC's webpage.


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