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Academic Common Market

Academic Common Market (ACM) is used by students who want to pursue degree programs not offered in Kentucky. ACM provides in-state tuition rates for degree programs offered by select institutions in participating states.

Why Kentucky needs Academic Common Market

With the heavy push to secure a college degree combined with the increasing cost of college, families face tough decisions: how to pay for college without excessive student loan debt. For Kentucky students pursuing degree programs not offered in state, out-of-state tuition rates could cost twice as much as in state.

The Council, as part of the Southern Regional Education Board, participates in the Academic Common Market. This program provides discounted tuition for degree programs at select schools in participating states. To qualify for ACM, students prove residency in Kentucky and select a degree program not offered in state. More than 1,900 undergraduate and graduate programs are available.

How students benefit from ACM

Students benefit in significant ways. They have greater access to degree programs, and pay the current in-state tuition rates offered by the out-of-state institution they attend. Kentucky has about equal numbers of students studying in other states as it has out-of-state students studying in Kentucky through the ACM. For students and their families, this savings can also work to minimize student debt. 

How ACM benefits Kentuckians

College affordability is a big concern for Kentucky families. ACM helps reduce tuition worries by making a degree at an out-of-state campus more affordable. In addition, ACM helps in-state college costs by reducing the necessary number of programs supplied by Kentucky’s public institutions to meet student demand. Being part of the SREB consortium assures that Kentucky can provide access to a variety of affordable degree programs.

How ACM helps us toward 2025 goals

More Kentuckians with more degrees is a state priority. ACM broadens student access to degree programs at in-state tuition rates.

Learn more about Kentucky's education goals by viewing Stronger By Degrees, the Council's strategic agenda for postsecondary and adult education.

Last Updated 12/9/2016