Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education

Healthcare Workforce Investment Fund

Kentucky, along with other states, recognized healthcare workforce shortages during the 2023 legislative session in part by establishing the Kentucky Healthcare Workforce Investment Fund, which is a public-private partnership to provide healthcare training scholarships for Kentucky resident students and incentives to reward performance and excellence among healthcare professional programs.

Key Elements

The fund, administered by CPE, is designed to improve financial support for students who enroll in targeted programs leading to healthcare credentials in areas demonstrating critical workforce need.
The fund rewards performance and excellence among Kentucky healthcare professional education and training programs.

The fund may accept donations, with all monies gifted or donated to the fund to be matched, dollar for dollar, by General Fund disbursements for scholarships and/or educational program incentives.

The fund will prioritize grants by geographic areas of Kentucky with the greatest workforce need and will strive to improve racial and ethnic diversity within healthcare fields.

The fund allows grantors to restrict funding for scholarships for qualified students who are Kentucky residents.
On June 30, 2023, the Council filed two administrative regulations, 13 KAR 5:010 Healthcare Training Scholarships and 13 KAR 5:020 Healthcare Program Incentives. 

Guiding Legislation and Documentation

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Last Updated: 10/19/2023