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Request to Become Licensed to Operate in Kentucky

A license to operate and advertise in Kentucky is required for any school, whether non-profit, for-profit or an out-of-state public institution. Licensure is also required of religious and online programs, unless it is an in-state religious college with specific activities that merit an exemption. These are decided on a case-by-case basis.

Note: If you are a for-profit or non-profit school offering only credentials below a bachelor’s degree, you need to work with the Commission on Proprietary Education.

To begin the licensure process, please contact the Executive Director of Postsecondary Licensing in order to request additional information about the application for licensure and fee before you submit the application:

Criteria for a license include:

Once licensed in Kentucky, a campus may only operate and advertise the courses, programs or school specifically approved in the license.

To review Kentucky laws pertaining to licensure, visit the legislative library. For more information about data reporting, see the data guidelines.

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Last Updated: 4/25/2024