Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education

Program Directory

Topic Name Phone Email
Academic Common Market (ACM) Kathy Garrett 502-892-3082 Email
Academic Leadership Development Institute (ALDI) Dawn Offutt 502-892-3048 Email
Academic Program Approval Sheila Brothers 502-892-3707 Email
Academic Program Review Sheila Brothers 502-892-3707 Email
Access, Engagement and Belonging Dawn Offutt 502-892-3048 Email
Accessibility and Disability Dawn Offutt 502-892-3048 Email
Accounts Payable Leslie Brown 502-892-3011 Email
Administrative Services Leslie Brown 502-892-3011 Email
Admissions Lilly Massa-McKinley 502-892-3036 Email
Adult Learners Lilly Massa-McKinley 502-892-3036 Email
Affordable Learning Kentucky Leah Halliday 502-892-3022 Email
Board Training Heather Faesy 502-892-3008 Email
Budget Development Work Group Bill Payne 502-892-3052 Email
CLIMB-Health Carl Wilson 606-434-1103 Email
Career Development Officers Mary Jackson 502-892-3236 Email
College Readiness Melissa Bell 502-892-3007 Email
College Transcripts (Closed Institutions) Mary Allison 502-573-1555 Email
Committee on Equal Opportunities (CEO) Dawn Offutt 502-892-3048 Email
Commonwealth Education Continuum (CEC) Amanda Ellis 502-892-3079 Email
Communications Gabrielle Gayheart 502-892-3025 Email
Conferences, Programs, Special Events Heather Faesy 502-892-3008 Email
Consumer Complaints Lisa Shemwell 502-892-3041 Email
Contracts Kara Couch
Claudette Tracy
Corequisite Education Phyllis Clark 502-892-3321 Email
Council and Committee Meetings Heather Faesy 502-892-3008 Email
Credit for Prior Learning Dallas Kratzer 502-682-4709 Email
Cultural Competency Certification Dawn Offutt 502-892-3048 Email
Data and Research (Postsecondary) Travis Muncie 502-892-3044 Email
Degree Pathways Melissa Bell 502-892-3007 Email
Digital Communications Gabrielle Gayheart 502-892-3025 Email
Diversity Policy Dawn Offutt 502-892-3048 Email
Dual Credit Robin Hebert 502-892-3144 Email
ESRI (GIS) Technology Program Lisa Shemwell 502-892-3041 Email
Economic Development Leslie Sizemore 606-813-3212 Email
External Affairs Lee Nimocks 502-892-3047 Email
Faculty Advisory Network Melissa Bell 502-892-3007 Email
GEAR UP Kentucky Kim Welch 502-892-3215 Email
Gateway Course Success Phyllis Clark 502-892-3321 Email
General Education Assessment Melissa Bell 502-892-3007 Email
General Education Transfer Policy Melissa Bell 502-892-3007 Email
Grants Development Melissa Young 502-892-3071 Email
Healthcare Workforce Initiatives Leslie Sizemore 606-813-3212 Email
Higher EDquity Symposium Dawn Offutt 502-892-3048 Email
Human Resources Rae Smith 502-892-3058 Email
Impact Exchange Nan Harnice 502-892-3313 Email
Infographic of the Week Gabrielle Gayheart 502-892-3025 Email
Internet2 (I2) Cody Bumgardner   Email
K-12 Policies/Programs Amanda Ellis 502-892-3079 Email
Kentucky Digital Library (KDL) Ilona Burdette 502-892-3073 Email
Kentucky Advising Academy (KAA) Mitzi Holland 270-570-0265 Email
Kentucky Graduate Profile Janna Vice 859-893-8423 Email
Kentucky Humanitarian Assistance Program Lee Nimocks 502-892-3047 Email
Kentucky Postsecondary Education Data System (KPEDS) Travis Muncie 502-892-3044 Email
Kentucky Student Success Collaborative (KYSSC) Lilly Massa-McKinley 502-892-3036 Email
Kentucky Virtual Library (KYVL) Ilona Burdette 502-892-3073;
Kentucky Wired Cody Bumgardner   Email
Leadership exChange Lilly Massa-McKinley 502-892-3036 Email
Legislative Issues Travis Powell 502-892-3054 Email
Licensure Travis Powell 502-892-3054 Email
Longitudinal Data System Travis Muncie 502-892-3044 Email
Media Melissa Young 859-321-0566 Email
Mental Health Lilly Massa-McKinley 502-892-3036 Email
Minger Reporting Lisa Shemwell 502-892-3041 Email
News Clips Gabrielle Gayheart 502-892-3025 Email
Performance Funding Work Group Bill Payne 502-892-3052 Email
President's Office Elizabeth Hack 502-892-3194 Email
Project Graduate Lilly Massa-McKinley 502-892-3036 Email
Purpose First Phyllis Clark 502-892-3321 Email
Records Management Heather Faesy 502-892-3008 Email
Scholarships for Displaced Students Lee Nimocks 502-892-3047 Email
Scholarships to Promote International Exchange Lee Nimocks 502-892-3047 Email
Social Media Gabrielle Gayheart 502-892-3025 Email
State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) Kathy Garrett 502-892-3082 Email
Strategic Agenda for Postsecondary Education Lee Nimocks 502-892-3047 Email
Student Basic Needs Jamie Oleka 502-892-3017 Email
Student Voice Interns Phyllis Clark 502-892-3321 Email
Student Success Summit Lilly Massa-McKinley 502-892-3036 Email
Summer Bridge Robin Hebert 502-892-3144 Email
Transfer Lilly Massa-McKinley 502-892-3036 Email
Trusteeship Conference Heather Faesy 502-892-3008 Email
Tuition Bill Payne 502-892-3052 Email
Tuition Waivers Shaun McKiernan 502-892-3039 Email
Website Gabrielle Gayheart 502-892-3025 Email
Workforce-Related Programming Leslie Sizemore 606-813-3212 Email

Last Updated: 7/2/2024