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Please fill this form out only if you have received confirmation that the CPE president can participate in your event. To make the initial request, use the event inquiry form.

If you have questions or have problems submitting this form, contact the president's office at 502-892-3001.

Person making the request

About the event

Please specify the date for Dr. Thompson's active participation.

Please include the city and state to help us figure in travel time.

Please let us know where Dr. Thompson should park and if a fee is associated with it.

If Dr. Thompson is held up traveling to your event or has another issue that affects his ability to get there, please let us know who he should contact.

Number of the person indicated above.

To help us prepare Dr. Thompson

This can be an estimate based on invitees.

Please provide the type of people (either demographics or positions) attending the event.

Help us advise Dr. Thompson the formality of the event.

Please tell us a little about the event.

If Dr. Thompson is speaking or a panelist, please let us know the areas he's to cover in his remarks.


Last Updated 7/17/2019