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Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Policies & Initiatives

  • Academic Initiatives
    The Council administers academic programs and initiatives to promote postsecondary and adult education reform in Kentucky.
  • Academic Policies
    The Council’s academic policies specify guidelines for student admissions, transfer, residency status, dual credit, advanced placement, institutional licensure, and campus safety.
  • Accessibility and Disability
    The Council collaborates with Kentucky postsecondary institutions to ensure that postsecondary and adult education is available and accessible to all students.
  • Assessment of College-Level Learning
    The Assessment of College-Level Learning initiative conducts research to improve learning and support services.
  • Kentucky Adult Education
    Kentucky Adult Education (KYAE) works to increase the number of Kentucky adults prepared for the workforce or postsecondary education.
  • Budget & Finance
    Council also advocates for adequate funding of postsecondary and adult education through biennial budget recommendations, the distribution of trust funds, tuition regulation, and the administration of incentive funding programs.
  • Economic Development 
    The Council’s economic development programs focus on expanding knowledge-driven research and development capacity in Kentucky.
  • Equal Opportunities
    The Council implements policy and coordinates programs to ensure equitable access to education for all Kentuckians.
  • Technology/Statewide Data Networks
    The Council facilitates several initiatives/programs to assist institutions with connection to quality data resources.
  • Virtual Learning
    Several online resources are available for Kentuckians to earn degrees and certificates, participate in professional development and adult education, and perform research.


Last Updated 9/17/2009
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