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Student TikTok video wins "Champion" banner for promoting FAFSA

June 2, 2021
Kyrin and Jaydan Norris, two sisters from Garrard County, Kentucky, had an important question for their fans on TikTok. "What happens to a student who works hard and fills out their FAFSA?" They never expected such a huge reaction. Read more >>


CPE report shows large income gaps along racial and ethnic lines

June 2, 2021
Despite growing diversity in Kentucky's workforce, Black and Asian employees still face massive income disparities when compared to white peers, even after earning a superior college degree. That's one of several findings in a newly released research... Read more >>

Aaron Thompson

President's Message: CPE using advanced data tool to assess academic programs

June 2, 2021
If you've been paying attention to higher education trends over the last decade, you're probably familiar with the term "data analytics." In a nutshell, data analytics is the practice of using student data to optimize learning outcomes and increase... Read more >>

Graduate with diploma

At Kentucky colleges, URM students continue to close gaps. What's behind the trend?

June 2, 2021
Over the past five years, minority students in Kentucky have gained significant ground in higher education, and campus leaders say a renewed focus on equity at every level is helping drive the progress. Read more >>

Aaron Thompson

CPE President Thompson receives leadership award from Kentucky Hospital Association

June 2, 2021
President Aaron Thompson, head of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE), received the Health Care Governance Leadership Award from the Kentucky Hospital Association last month at the group's annual convention. Read more >>


CPE report shows strong growth in minority degrees and credentials

May 7, 2021
Even with the turmoil of COVID-19, minority students in Kentucky achieved steady gains in college degrees and credentials last year, and overall, the state remains on pace to meet its educational attainment goals in 2030. CPE released those findings... Read more >>

Aaron Thompson with staff

CPE wins Isaac Murphy Government Partner of the Year Award for progress in diversity, equity and inclusion

May 5, 2021
CPE, under the leadership of President Aaron Thompson, received the prestigious Government Partner of the Year award at the 2021 Derby Diversity Business Summit in Louisville. The honor was part of the annual Isaac Murphy Legacy Awards, which recognize... Read more >>

Aaron Thompson

President's Message: A return to normal is not a return to the status quo

May 5, 2021
This past Saturday, I tuned in to watch Medina Spirit win the 147th Kentucky Derby. It was a far cry from last year, when the race was run over Labor Day weekend to a nearly empty Churchill Downs. Read more >>


Data-based solutions, focus on financial needs driving gains among low-income students

May 5, 2021
The weekly meetings at the University of Kentucky sound almost like a ritual at Amazon or Google headquarters. Every Friday, around 70 campus leaders – faculty, staff and administrators – gather to review dozens of charts and data points that... Read more >>

Graduates hugging

A financial win for higher education? Four takeaways from the new state budget

May 5, 2021
Let's face it – budgets are boring. But the state's new spending plan for 2021-22 includes some major victories for higher education and a lot of stuff you really should know. We combed through the whole thing so you don't have to. Read more >>


College helped shape me to be the woman I am today

May 5, 2021
As I'm ending an important chapter in my life, I look back and see every difficult and joyful moment in college that made me who I am today – and I'm glad to say I'm proud of that person. Read more >>

Aaron Thompson

President's Message: New Student Success Collaborative will help advance systemic change

April 20, 2021
Leading systemic change is perhaps the most challenging job of a higher education coordinating agency. On the one hand, public colleges and universities are highly autonomous, with unique missions, strengths and audiences. Read more >>

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