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Student Success Summit

The Kentucky Student Success Summit provides faculty, staff and administrators an opportunity to learn from leading student success experts and to engage in stimulating discussions with colleagues from across the state.

Student Success Summit

"Organizing for Success"

The 8th Annual Kentucky Student Success Summit will focus on the fundamental question – Is Kentucky’s postsecondary system designed for student success?  The summit will highlight curricular, institutional, and systemic structures designed to address the complex issues that can hinder student success and the supports that can promote completion.

Dates: April 15-16

Location: Louisville Marriott East 

Registration is closed.

The first day of the Summit will explore three areas: 

  1. Curricular Design: How can instructional quality, course design, and curricular pathways support success for all students? 
  2. Institutional Structures: What organizational structures and institutional supports are best suited to support success for all students?  
  3. Systemic Interdependence: How can Kentucky's educational systems work together to reestablish and redefine the value of an education beyond high school. 

In recognition that a summit focused on student success must engage the student perspective, the second day of the summit will focus on the voices and perspectives of students past, present, and future. We will hear from students how colleges and universities can better engage and support every student's definition of success. The summit features nationally-recognized student success experts who share evidence-based best practices to promote student learning and retention. Information on speakers and agenda forthcoming. 

Conference Speakers

Summit Speakers

About the summit

The Kentucky Student Success Summit is hosted annually by the Council on Postsecondary Education to provide faculty, staff and administrators an opportunity to learn from experts and engage in stimulating discussions with colleagues from across the state. 

2018 summit materials

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