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CPE's Organizational Structure

The Council, composed of 13 citizens, a student and a faculty member, is appointed by the Governor. Part of their duties is the selection and appointment of the Council president. The Executive Committee, a subcommittee of Council membership, evaluates the president and recommends annual presidential compensation, as well as reviews all budget and personnel matters.

The selected president is responsible for the employment, direction and administration of agency staff.

Organizational Chart

Council staff, which consists of approximately 60-70 employees, is divided into the following units. (Printer version)

  1. Council President

    1. President's Office

      1. Agency Leadership

      2. Strategic Planning

      3. Policy Development

      4. Communications/Advocacy

      5. Strategic Initiatives/Special Projects

      6. GEAR UP Kentucky

    2. Academic Affairs and Student Success

      1. Student Success Initiatives

      2. Academic Quality

      3. Early College/Dual Credit

      4. Program Review/Approval

      5. Virtual Library/E-Learning

      6. Academic and Career Pathways

    3. Legal Affairs, HR and Licensure

      1. Legal Issues

      2. Postsecondary Licensure

      3. Human Resources

      4. Diversity Plan Management

    4. Data and Advanced Analytics

      1. Data Collection and Management

      2. Data Analysis

      3. Policy Research

      4. Information Technology

      5. Institutional Accountability and Evaluation

    5. Finance and Administration

      1. Finance Policy

      2. Tuition Setting

      3. Performance Funding

      4. Business and Administrative Services

      5. Procurement

      6. Budget Review, Management and Requests

Last Updated 7/8/2018