Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education

Academic Program Review

When students graduate, it is important they have a degree that prepares them for employment in their chosen field. The Council’s academic program review process ensures that degrees awarded from Kentucky’s public universities and KCTCS help students compete in a global economy.

KRS 164.020(16) grants CPE the authority to conduct statewide program reviews. CPE’s policy was updated in July 2021 to outline a three-pronged approach consisting of institutional program review efforts, statewide data analysis, and a focus on implementing the statewide postsecondary strategic agenda.

Annual Reports

Reports are due annually on July 15th.

State Universities

Universities will submit reports that:


The KCTCS System Office will submit a report that:

Policies and Forms

Statewide Data Analysis

The analysis will assist in the continuous improvement and efficiency of Kentucky’s academic portfolio.

State Universities

CPE staff will analyze data across universities to determine if any programs meet all of the following criteria:


For KCTCS programs undergoing the program review process, CPE will analyze enrollment trends, degree/credential production trends, and market data through Gray Associates to identify any programs with:

Statewide Strategic Agenda

In concordance with Kentucky’s strategic agenda, CPE staff will facilitate statewide discussion and initiatives to:

For more information about academic program review, contact Sheila Brothers at

To view a catalog of all of Kentucky's academic programs, view the Academic Program Inventory.

Last Updated: 3/26/2024