Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education

Board Training

To prepare citizens for their roles on college boards, the Council provides training to new appointees to increase their understanding of their responsibilities and the structure of postsecondary education in Kentucky.

Why board training is a priority

While many board members have expertise in their respective fields, most do not work in higher education and are unfamiliar with the industry and unsure of their role.

Board training helps members approach their jobs with more confidence and prevents them from making mistakes that could negatively affect their institutions. A more innovative and efficient board helps ensure the college or university will remain financially viable and able to deliver high-quality academic programs to Kentuckians of all ages.

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Guiding Legislation

In 2016, the Kentucky General Assembly passed legislation that requires the Council to provide six hours of orientation and training to newly appointed board members of the Council, the public universities and KCTCS. The training is designed to provide board members with a basic understanding of higher education governance and their roles as a trustee or regent.

KRS 164.020 ยง 25: Develop in cooperation with each public university and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System a comprehensive orientation and education program for new members of the council and the governing boards and continuing education opportunities for all council and board members.

To access other legislation about Kentucky's postsecondary education boards, visit LRC's postsecondary webpage.

How the Council implements board training

The Council provides continuing education and training for all board members on an annual basis, either in conjunction with the annual Postsecondary Education Trusteeship Conference or as a stand-alone event. It also offers new member orientation and training sessions in-person and through an online course.

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How to access the online course

Those who are required to complete the online course should read the instructions below before beginning.

Those with questions about board training should contact Heather Faesy.

Last Updated: 9/30/2021