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Military Transfer

Hundreds of members of the military (active and retired) and their families utilize the GI Bill to attend Kentucky’s colleges each year. However, the transition from service to postsecondary education can be difficult and military students must navigate many unique challenges.

The federal government, Kentucky’s legislature, colleges and universities are working together to simplify the transition process, improve state and institutional supports, lower costs, and increase transparency when it comes to how military experience transfer is credited.

Tuition Assistance for Members of the Military

Both state and federal sources provide tuition assistance for members and veterans and their families to attend college in Kentucky. They include

Federal Sources


For legislative language about Kentucky's tuition waivers for active members and veterans of the Armed Forces and Kentucky National Guard, visit the Council's tuition waivers page.

Transfer of Credit

Making sure soldiers don’t waste time or money is a key concern. These students are often working to support families while attending college. In addition, benefits cover a maximum of 36 cumulative months in college, which could be an issue for students attending part-time.

The Council is working with Kentucky’s public institutions to improve the credit for prior learning evaluation process. In compliance with Kentucky’s Guiding Principles for Military Credit transferability will be based, in part, on the American Council on Education (ACE) Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services. Learn more about military credit from ACE.

Guiding Policy

Providing clear transfer pathways for military training will allow veteran students to make better decisions when it comes to selecting degrees and credentials that meet both their career needs and their prior experience.

Advising and Support Services for Members of the Military

Kentucky's public institutions provide specialized services for members of the military.

Four-Year Public Universities

Kentucky Community and Technical Colleges

Last Updated: 1/4/2022