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Rick Smith
Rick Smith

Workforce Trends, the Impact on Underserved Populations and Counteracting Unconscious Bias

Noon E.T., Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2022

CPE AVP for Workforce and Economic Development Rick Smith, explored workforce trends and their effect on underserved populations. Smith also touched on unconscious bias, how it continues to be a significant problem in the workplace and identify how professionals can design better work practices to help more effectively leverage the potential of their employees. 

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About our speaker: Rick Smith has held key leadership and development positions at the Kentucky College of Art Design, Kentucky State University and Northern Pennsylvania Regional College. He most recently served as the president and CEO of the United Way of Ross County, Ohio. He has also held leadership roles in health care administration, public relations, business development and nonprofit leadership over the past three decades.

He holds a bachelor's degree in broadcast communication from the University of Louisville, a master's in business administration from Kennedy Western University a master's in philanthropic studies from Indiana-Purdue University and a doctorate from Bradley University's Higher Education Leadership Program (F22). He holds a Diversity and Inclusion certification from Cornell University and a certificate in Fundraising Leadership from the Lilly School of Philanthropy.

Last Updated: 2/10/2022