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CPE Webinar: Dual Credit: Where We Are and Where We’re Headed

Discussion topics include the positive student outcomes of dual credit coursework, the purpose, availability and flexibility of the dual credit scholarship, including recent updates and current enrollment trends in dual credit coursework in Kentucky.

Materials from the webinar

CPE Webinar: Understanding Dual Credit and its Role in Career Pathways

Discussion topics include how dual credit fits within career-tech educational pathways and the relationship between articulated credit and dual credit.

Materials from the webinar

CPE Webinar: Creating Strong Partnerships Between High Schools and Colleges

Materials from webinar

Discussion topics include the components of a positive and mutually beneficial dual credit partnership, strategies and innovative ideas for establishing a dual credit partnership that is best for students, the high school or area technology center, and the postsecondary institution, and high school and/or postsecondary partners for dual credit partnerships.


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Last Updated: 3/21/2023