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Lydia Burns

Campuses adopting pass/fail policies to limit coronavirus impact on grades

April 9, 2020
Juggling two exams, two term papers and an oral presentation, the last thing Lydia Burns needed this week was a broken laptop. "It's the worst time in the world for that to happen," the University of Louisville (UofL) senior said Read more >>

Aaron Thompson

Now More Than Ever, Higher Education Matters

April 9, 2020
When I was hired to lead Kentucky's public higher education system in 2018, I asked my staff to design a logo incorporating the words "Higher Education Matters." Armed with charts and graphs, I embarked on a statewide listening tour to share the... Read more >>

Cheryl King

Guest Post: Increase Enrollment – Seize The Day

April 8, 2020
These are challenging times for colleges and universities even before the COVID-19 crisis. Public concern about tuition rates, fewer high school students to fill classrooms, and declining enrollment are just a few of the issues keeping higher education... Read more >>

UofL Healthcare workers

Kentucky campuses help health care workers cope with shortages in protective gear

April 2, 2020
Within the second week of production, requests were pouring in from across the country – Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Washington, Oklahoma. Ed Tackett knew his team at the University of Louisville (UofL) had to scale up fast. Read more >>


Kentucky campuses plan for hundreds of students to continue living in residence halls despite outbreak

April 1, 2020
While thousands moved out of student housing last month in response to COVID-19, Kentucky colleges and universities still expect hundreds of students to remain on campus this semester – due mostly to financial challenges or bans on international... Read more >>

Aaron Thompson with ALDI members

CPE's Academic Leadership Development Institute kicking off another successful year

March 28, 2020
The Academic Leadership Development Institute (ALDI) has launched a second year of professional development sessions to prepare a group of 17 minority faculty and staff members for leadership roles in Kentucky higher education. The program is providing... Read more >>

Aaron Thompson

Black History Month is urgent reminder to close Kentucky's achievement gaps

February 17, 2020
Every February, we celebrate Black History Month because of the efforts of a Berea College graduate, Carter G. Woodson. Woodson was a prominent African American scholar and historian who started his higher education career as a part-time student... Read more >>


Q&A with Robert Croft, member of the Committee for Equal Opportunities

August 1, 2019
Robert Croft, member of the Committee for Equal Opportunities, talks with Policy Insight about what motivates him to be part of the committee and his take on diversity initiatives. Read more >>


Q&A with Dr. Bob Staat, chair of the Committee on Equal Opportunities and faculty representative to CPE

August 1, 2019
Robert Staat is a faculty member at the University of Louisville, and has served on the Council and the Committee on Equal Opportunities. Read more >>

Aaron Thompson

Letter to Kentucky graduates: College is still worth it

May 29, 2019
To all of the students who recently graduated from a Kentucky college or university, thank you for having the fortitude and determination to make it to the finish line. You've achieved something powerful and transformative that will dramatically... Read more >>


Q&A with Sherrill Zimmerman, CPE chair

April 1, 2019
Sherrill Zimmerman is a retired educator from Louisville where she was a teacher, assistant principal and a magnet program coordinator for Jefferson County Public Schools. Read more >>

Aaron Thompson

President Thompson unveils 5 key priorities

April 1, 2019
When Dr. Aaron Thompson became the fourth president of the Council, he selected five main priorities for improving Kentucky's public higher education system that would result in better serving our students, workforce and economy. Read more >>

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