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Kentucky, Taiwan partner to promote cross-cultural cooperation in higher education

September 30, 2021
CPE and Taiwan’s Department of International and Cross-strait Education announced a partnership to promote educational and academic exchanges between Taiwan and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Read more >>

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Group releases recommendations to strengthen Kentucky’s education to workforce pipeline

September 27, 2021
The Commonwealth Education Continuum (CEC) released its recommendations for state policy leaders, government agencies, education membership organizations, school districts, and colleges and universities. Read more >>


Op-Ed: Affordability a shared goal since higher education matters – for everyone

September 7, 2021
While the CPE is working to ensure postsecondary education is affordable for all Kentuckians, there’s more that students, parents and Kentucky’s leaders can do to lower the cost of college. Read more >>

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Kentucky postsecondary degree programs provide paths to pay equity

September 7, 2021
CPE's latest analysis identified academic programs that prepare URM and low-income students for successful careers. Learn about the report’s 10 recommendations to improve equitable career outcomes. Read more >>

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President’s Message: We cannot take URM progress for granted

September 7, 2021
Kentucky’s rate of progress is greater than most states when it comes to URM students, but we must do more to accelerate the progress to ensure low-income URM students don’t get left behind. Read more >>

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Q&A with CPE Chair Lucas Mentzer, Part 1

September 7, 2021
Seeing families lifted out of poverty and other benefits of higher education is what motivates Lucas Mentzer to serve as CPE’s board chair. Read part one of our interview with him. Read more >>

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President’s Message: Kentucky higher ed fuels optimism, even during pandemic

August 4, 2021
Higher Education Matters, now more than ever. As we witnessed during the pandemic, Kentucky workers with a college degree or credential were far more likely to stay employed than high school graduates. And as Kentucky continues its recovery, we are... Read more >>

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Q&A with Ilona Burdette, head of the Kentucky Virtual Library

August 4, 2021
We sat down with Ilona Burdette, KYVL’s executive director, to discuss the role of libraries in providing access to online resources and internet connectivity during the pandemic. Read more >>

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Dual credit programs at KCTCS improve grades and completion rates

August 3, 2021
Students who took dual credit courses before enrolling at the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) were more likely to score higher grades and earn a college credential, according to a new study. Read more >>

CPE announces grants to increase educator diversity across the state

CPE announces grants to increase educator diversity across the state

August 2, 2021
CPE will award up to $500,000 in competitive grants this fall to help educator preparation programs increase the number of K-12 teachers in Kentucky from underrepresented groups. The money is a part of the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief... Read more >>


Short-term credentials have surged 110% in Kentucky

July 6, 2021
New research funded by the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) shows that more and more Kentuckians are heading to college to earn short-term certificates, particularly in STEM-related fields, skilled trades and health care. In two... Read more >>

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President's Message: CPE's strategic agenda provides higher ed cornerstone

July 6, 2021
Planning and development for CPE’s new statewide strategic agenda is well underway. We’ve spoken to hundreds of constituents, policy experts and campus leaders, along with students and parents. Find out more about our process and priorities for... Read more >>

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